New Watch Box with Patented Micro-Suede Cleaning Material

Steinhausen has always prided ourselves on the craftsmanship of our products. In the beginning days of Steinhausen, the Classic designed by Ulrich Van-Heusen, was also decades ahead of its time. This year, we set out to bring back the spirit of Van-Heusen to the Steinhausen product line. Several new products are on their way for the holiday season of 2009, and this is a preview of perhaps one of the most impressive new products for 2009: The Steinhausen Watch and Jewelry Case with our Ultra-soft Cleaning Micro-suede material.

Dark Burlwood Watch and Jewelry Case

Dark Burlwood Watch and Jewelry Case

While research cleaning materials for watches, we uncovered something incredible! A material that was so soft and had incredibly cleaning properties. Dirt and dust are absorbed and wiped away by this material with no harm chemicals or moisture at all. Yet, the material is so soft and fine that it will never scratch the surface of whatever you may be cleaning. Of course, you’ll need to be careful if you are dusting off something with a thick layer of dust, but this material does wonders for even the thickest layers of dirt.

Of course, style is important, so we are bringing in multiple case colors (dark burl-wood and cherry-wood to start – We’re adding a Golden burl-wood in the coming months!) so you can have the watch show case you’ve always wanted. We all have personal preferences when it comes to our display cases. I’ll be writing more about color choices later and how Steinhausen is working towards providing greater selection than ever before.

Cherrywood Watch and Jewelry Case

Cherrywood Watch and Jewelry Case

While the new material won’t clean your watches and jewelry for you, it certainly will make it much easier to clean. You can use the pillows to even clean your watches. Also, it won’t shed fine grains like felt and other materials that leave residue on your watches and jewelry. The ring slots provide an instant quick clean on each ring when you place them in the slots. This is a surefire way to keep your watch and jewelry collection in top condition.

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5 Responses to “New Watch Box with Patented Micro-Suede Cleaning Material”

  1. Joy says:

    I am very interesting in immediately purchasing one of these watch boxes. However, I would first like to know if this is built of solid wood or a veneer finish. I would greatly appreciate a response to my inquiry.
    Thanks for you time,

    • admin says:

      Hi Joy, These boxes are made with a veneer, finished with seven layers of lacquer. The inside material is a micro-suede that helps absorb dirt and elements that would otherwise reduce the luster of your watch. Hope that helps answer your question.

  2. Joy says:

    Great, thanks so much for the quick reply.

  3. It is good that Dirt and dust are absorbed and wiped away by this material

  4. W. Barry Carlos says:

    Would love tp purchase this watch case but no information on
    how to do so. Please advise.

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