Integration with Facebook in Beta Testing

We beta launched a new integration between our shopping website and Facebook, allowing for faster logins and easier account management. The system is in beta testing right now, which means that it might have some hiccups here and there. For example, we already know that it doesn’t work with the Safari web browser at all. This is something we need to work on.

What this new integration with Facebook allows is for you to login with your Facebook login and link it to your account. For people without an existing Steinhausen account, there is an option to create an account while linking it to your Facebook account. In just a few clicks you will have your accounts linked. This will make it easier to login to your Steinhausen account as all you need to do is be logged into your Facebook account.

Your privacy is protected the entire time. We don’t share your email address with Facebook, and we don’t have access to the email address you have on record with Facebook. In fact, you can have two different email addresses for both accounts. The addresses you use for your Steinhausen account will not be shared with Facebook either. You can even turn off the wall postings from the Steinhausen application if you so choose.

The Steinhausen application operates just like any other Facebook application, including the one we use for this blog. Our blog has been linked to Facebook since the day we launched. Happy shopping folks!

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