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What is an Open Box Store?

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

We almost have everything finished for our open box store. This is an exciting endeavor for us! We display at watch shows, charities, fundraisers, and all kinds of other events. In the fast paced world of business, there is very little time to clean up. That’s what the open box store is all about…

At events and showcases, we display real products. We aren’t showing samples that don’t work. Often times there are hundreds of people that view, touch, and examine our products a day during these events. Sometimes we drop products when putting them back into their boxes. At every event, our representatives are wearing Steinhausen watches and other accessories… Long story short, this stuff piles up. We can’t sell it because the box has been opened, we’ve lost the packaging, we scratched the watch winder, etc.

However, the scratched watch winder is a perfectly good watch winder that will still wind your watch. Obviously, we can’t use a scratched watch winder for a display, so up until now the products have been collecting dust. Not anymore!

The Steinhausen Open Box Store is exactly that. It’s all our open boxes. We’ve checked to make sure the watches and watch winders are still functioning, so you aren’t buying junk. It just isn’t perfect condition. It’s like walking into a store and buying the display unit. You get a perfectly functioning unit with maybe a scratch or two.

We’ll be launching the first round of the open box in just over a week. The prices on these products are definitely priced to sell. If you can’t handle a smudge or two, that’s ok. We’ll still have the prime items available for sale. However, there will be a few surprises for people. We have found some items that have been discontinued. We’re bringing them back at great prices for everyone to enjoy!