New Steinhausen Orbital Ceramic Watches Landing Soon

Ceramic material is used in all sorts of products from here on Earth to outer space. The tiles on the space shuttle are made of ceramic because of ceramics ability to protect from high temperatures and ultra light weight. While Steinhausen isn’t the first company to offer ceramic watches, we are the first to perfect the ceramic watch process. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of these watches that they come with a lifetime warranty. They even come in a matching his and hers set! White and black will both be available. Here is a quite preview of the new Orbital watches from Steinhausen (still wrapped in their plastic…

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  1. [...] weeks now. Internally, this has been one of our most anticipated products of 2010 (aside from the virtually indestructible watches we’re launching in just a few months – you can actually take a lighter to the watch)! [...]

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