Quality Assurance Beyond Any Other Watch Winder Manufacturer

In November 2008, Steinhausen was purchased by a watch and men’s fashion enthusiast! It was right before the 2008 holiday season, and the primary goal was to ensure that the existing Steinhausen products were available aplenty. After the holiday season, the mission of Steinhausen was to revamp the product offering with additional accessories and even a couple of new watches for the holiday season of 2009.

The focus in 2010 has been service and product quality. The Internet makes a lot of information available quickly and easily. There’s no question that Steinhausen products are widely sold on the Internet, in SkyMall, and dozens of other print publications around the United States. You can even find Steinhausen in several small retail stores through North America. Broad availability doesn’t mean anything if a company doesn’t stand by its products.

We launched our first ever watch winder with a lifetime guarantee on the motor earlier this year. And I’m pleased to announce that we are adding to that collection of lifetime guarantee watch winders. We now have a quad watch winder with lifetime guarantee that just arrived in stock, and we have a dual watch winder on the way. The dual watch winder comes with a twist though! You’ll be able to upgrade the winder cylinders to dual watch holders, allowing you to wind four watches with just two motors. If you’re on a tight budget for a quality watch winder with a lifetime guarantee, the new dual models (coming in October) will be the best option for you!

We are committed to the quality of our products. Just a few short months ago, we started implementing a quality assurance process in our main Valencia, California warehouse. This warehouse is the starting point for all Steinhausen products distributed through out North America. To ensure that only true prime products are being shipped by Steinhausen, we implemented a manual quality check at our primary warehouse.

Every watch winder is hand inspected by our QA team. Each motor is checked for noise, movement quality and settings reliability. The wood shells are inspected for cracks, scratches or other damage. The metal hinges are inspected for any corrosion, scratches, or blemishes. The PU leather and felt lining are inspected to any cuts, stains, or blemishes. After each winder is inspected, it is repacked, sealed, and given a Steinhausen Quality Seal letting you know that your winder has been hand inspected in the United States.

This process can delay the availability of new products and products that were on back order, but it helps us ensure that you receive only the best quality product from Steinhausen. Whether you buy direct from us or purchase from one of our many partners like Amazon, Shoebuy, Hammacher Schlemmer, Heartland America, SkyMall, and scores of others, you can rest assured you are receiving premium affordable luxury.

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  1. Lisa Howell says:

    I have a dual watch winder. I need to replace the 2 watch braces but have had no luck trying to find this item for sale. I’m hoping you can help me.

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