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Wallet Wednesday Starts Tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Winder Wednesdays have been quite popular, and we have more Winder Wednesdays coming in the near future. However, this Wednesday, we’ll be practically giving away our wallets. Take the extra money your are saving and put it into your new Steinhausen wallet! We have a wallet sale that starts tomorrow and runs through Tuesday (9/28). But that’s not all the savings you’ll get as a blog reader… Enter the coupon code walletwednesday and you’ll receive an additional 50% off the sale price!

Free Friday = Free Shipping All Weekend

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Earlier this week, we announced the return of Winder Wednesday with three great deals on some of our most luxurious watch winders. Now, with Free Friday (running through the end of the weekend), we’ve¬†sweetened¬†the deal even more with free UPS Ground shipping on any order placed before midnight on Sunday. No coupon code is required.

When you are purchasing a large watch winder, shipping costs can be as much as $50 depending on where you live. So, treat yourself to a little extra savings in these last days of Summer with a combination of Winder Wednesday and Free Friday!

Winder Wednesday is Back! And All Week Long…

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Watch winders are an essential to any avid watch collection. Some of the finest watches ever made are automatic watches. Steinhausen can’t lay claim to having all of the finest watches, but our watch winders are certainly second to none; especially at our prices. Also essential to any avid watch collector is saving money! From now (Winder Wednesday) through the end of the week, we have three watch winders available for Impressively low prices. A single watch winder for just $100 or get a wooden dual watch winder with an additional display compartment for two more quartz watches for just $30 more! The choice is yours. Enjoy!

Watch Winder Upgrade Program Coming Soon

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Let’s say you purchased your first automatic watch this Summer. Hopefully, it’s a Steinhausen, but we understand there are other choices on the market for your automatic watches. Of course, you’d be wise to purchase one of our watch winders along with this automatic watch. After all, it is important to keep your automatic watch constantly wound as a stagnant automatic watch will eventually degrade in accuracy. Of course, you’ll probably purchase a single watch winder for this lone automatic watch. It’s a great way to showcase your prized piece of your watch collection.

Now, let’s say that this holiday season you receive a gift of a stunning new automatic watch. You only have a single watch winder, so you’ll need to get yourself a new watch winder. Chances are, you aren’t going to want to have two single watch winders. You’ll want a dual watch winder. However, you’ve already made that investment into your single watch winder.

Steinhausen is making the watch winder upgrade process easy and affordable in two different ways!

First, we have a new series of watch winders coming this Fall that will allow you to change the watch cylinder from a single watch to a dual watch cylinder!

Second, we are offering any existing Steinhausen customers an entire year to upgrade to any larger sized watch winder by paying only the price difference between the two items. Of course, this excludes sales items and other promotional offers.

How this will work is simple. Let’s say that initial purchase this Summer was for the stunning TM515A Single Watch Winder in Burlwood (we have piano black and cherrywood coming this Fall!) and you paid the regular everyday low price of $99.95. Now, let’s say you want to upgrade to the new SM388GA, which is made from 100% recycled wood and comes with a lifetime warranty. This new winder allows you to upgrade to a dual watch winder right away and then later allow you to upgrade the watch cylinders to dual watches per cylinder, giving you an affordable quad watch winder down the road. The SM388GA starts at $450, but you already have $100 invested in a Steinhausen watch winder. We’ll take the TM515A back from you and let you upgrade to the lifetime warranty SM388GA (or any other color you choose) for just $350. We’ll even pay for the shipping of the new watch winder!

Labor Day 50% Extended Through End of Day Tuesday

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

We weren’t aware of how many of our email newsletter subscribers use their work email for their subscription. This morning, our call center in beautiful Florida received several phone calls and emails expressing disappointment for missing out on the Labor Day 50% off sale. We always listen to our customers and appreciate the feedback. So, the Labor Day sale is being extended one more day for those who missed it during the weekend. Enjoy!