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Steinhausen, Inc.

Old World Craftsmanship Meets New World Technology sums up Steinhausen today. Over the past decade Steinhausen has become one of the most recognizable watch, watch winder, and men’s accessories brands in the world. Starting with the stunning reissue of the Steinhausen Classic to the modern marvel of the Dunn Horitzon Ultra-thin calendar watch, Steinhausen has become known for our traditional styles and breathtaking modern designs.

Steinhausen is affordable luxury, allowing you to expand your watch collection without breaking your bank account. We continuously improve our product line and add new watches, winders, and accessories to our world famous collection. We stand by our product line with unparalleled support and service, like our lifetime warranty on our Dunn Horitzon Collection and performance guarantee on our watch winders.

Our commitment is to customer satisfaction. We know that we are not perfect and take the correct actions to ensure that our customers are satisfied and get what they pay for. We pride ourselves on the value of a family business. The personal touch you receive when dealing with a family business is what we are committed to. Whether you are a retail store, department store buyer, or direct customer, Steinhausen is committed to your complete satisfaction with our brand.

The legend of Steinhausen is unlike any other watch in history. Imagine a master watchmaker, Ulrich Van-Heusen, laboring day after day in an attempt to build the world’s first automatic calendar watch. Huddled over a table, tools in hand, making the perfect watch. The first of its kind to display the date, day, month, and AM/PM indication.

Recreated with old world craftsmanship and new world technology, the first reproductions of the Steinhausen Classic come to America in the early 2000s. As distinctively as it was in 1923, each Classic was painstaking reproducing using the original design of the Steinhausen (including the enamel ivory face, scratch resistant mineral glass, classic roman numerals, and kinetic movement). This rare masterpiece launched the Steinhausen name into the company we are today.

Steinhausen has a growing list of more than 30 watch styles, 15 watch winder styles, wallets, cuff links, sunglasses, money clips, and other accessories. We continue to improve the quality of our products and the level of our service and product performance guaranties. We have wholesale opportunities available for both large and small businesses. And of course, we always make ourselves available as best we can to the customers who use our product. Whether you purchase directly from Steinhausen or you purchase from an authorized dealer, we take care of you the best we can. We want Steinhausen to be a positive name you can share with your children and your children’s children.

We also participate in a number of charitable causes. Our “Make Time For” campaigns are aimed at building awareness and raising funds for diabetes, cancer, child hunger, child education, and other causes that ameliorate the world. Our belief is that our success as a company has little meaning unless we help others succeed who are not afforded the same opportunities and qualities of life that we have. Our commitment is ultimate to the well being and happiness of all of those around us.

We didn’t invent time, we just perfected it.

Steinhausen Management
Robert (Bob) F. Sprowls brings decades of business experience to Steinhausen. With ownership interest in more than a dozen other businesses, Bob’s experience and connections help Steinhausen fulfill the needs of our growing customer base. Since his purchase of the Steinhausen brand in 2008, he has helped lead and finance Steinhausen, Inc. into the multi-brand powerhouse we are today.
Jared Tracy is the General Manager of Steinhausen, Inc. In charge of the day-to-day operations, as well as product design, marketing, and sales, Jared develops and orchestrates the Steinhausen strategy with his employees. Since taking the head role at Steinhausen shortly after Bob’s purchase, Jared has launched the sub-brands of Steinhausen: Impulse and Slide. Designed for a younger audience than the core Steinhausen brand, Impulse and Slide have broadened the spectrum of Steinhausen’s product assortment.
Since early 2011, Jared also started the annual Steinhausen Limited Edition watch. Each year, Steinhausen offers a limited edition watch with a unique design for that year. With a broad selection of colors and bands, the Annual Limited Edition Collection has been a great seller over the last two years. With the success of the Annual Limited Edition Collection Jared plans to launch his new Steinhausen World Collection in 2014 that will feature an annual limited edition watch designed inspired by the culture of a specific part of the world.
In 2011, Jared worked with various parts suppliers used for both the Steinhausen watches and watch winders to help redesign the products so that Steinhausen could begin offering lifetime warranties on all their watches and watch winders. In the beginning of 2013, Jared’s dream became reality for all Steinhausen watches and watch winders to have lifetime warranties. In mid-2012, Steinhausen also began offering the Executive Automatic Watch Winder Upgrade Program.
During 2012, Jared launched more Steinhausen watch winders, boxes, and wallets than in the entire history of Steinhausen. He also introduced the first Steinhausen belt, the Quick Zip belt and began manufacturing the belt in Los Angeles, CA. 2012 was a record year for sales and sales growth for Steinhausen!
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