Executive Watch Winder Upgrade Program

When your automatic watch collection expands Steinhausen has the perfect solution: Our Executive Watch Winder Upgrade Program! Let’s say you purchased a TM515A (our most popular single watch winder) for a watch you received as a gift. You made a great choice for protecting your fine automatic watch! Then 9 months later you decide that you want another automatic watch because you love that you don’t have to wind your watch everyday or replace a battery.

Steinhausen offers a great selection of dual watch winders. You already have a great single watch winder and the price of a dual watch winder might not be exactly what you want to be spending. Still, you don’t want to have two winders sitting on your desktop. With the Steinhausen Executive Watch Winder Upgrade Program, you can return your single watch winder to us and receive a discount on the dual winder equal to the price of the single winder. That could be a savings of more than $200!

The process for upgrading is simple: contact us via our website or toll free number: 800-208-2607. Let us know that you have a Steinhausen single watch winder and would like to participate in our Executive Watch Winder Upgrade Program. We’ll provide you with instructions on how to send your watch winder back and receive the massive discount on your upgrade.

The great thing about the program is that it grows with you! Let’s say that you again need to upgrade to another larger watch winder after upgrading to the dual. You simply contact us again, follow the instructions, and you’ll receive another great discount!

For those who have purchased lesser brands of watch winders, feel free to contact us about our option for non-Steinhausen brand watch winders. We all make mistakes at some point during our life. If you made the mistake of not choosing a Steinhausen watch winder, we’ll be more than happy to help you get into the Steinhausen family at an affordable price. Simply call our toll free number for assistance in getting rid of your old winder and a Steinhausen watch winder with lifetime warranty as a replacement at an affordable price!

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