Open Box is Almost Here

Posted February 22nd, 2010 by Jared Tracy

Our Open Box store is almost ready. We had a few hurdles to clear before we could launch it, but it really is just right around the corner. We are going to have some items available through the open box store that are not even available for regular retail. You may even find yourself the proud owner of a Steinhausen mule! That’s right, when browsing through some of the open box inventory, I saw at least two watches that qualify as mules. Great options for collectors!

Free Friday, Money Grip

Posted February 19th, 2010 by Jared Tracy

No coupon code necessary for this week’s Free Friday. It’s the Magic Money Grip, so fill it with the money you are saving! Limit one per order. Money not included :-P

Winder Wednesday, Free Automatic Watch with Winder

Posted February 17th, 2010 by Jared Tracy

Use coupon code WW515DEB10 after you’ve added TM515DE and TW391 Marquise Automatic Men’s Watch (Gold or Silver) to your shopping cart, and you will received the Marquise for free. This is limited to 50 customers (if the coupon doesn’t work that means we’ve reached the limit). One free watch per customer, and you must use the code above. You can even call our toll free number to take advantage of this special offer. Enjoy!

Free Friday Turns into Free February

Posted February 12th, 2010 by Jared Tracy

Last week we launched Free Friday with a free Traveling Watch Case. Today’s Free Friday is something special as we are running it through the end of the month.

Get a free Artiste Silver and Black watch with the purchase of any Watch and Jewelry Box on our website when you use coupon code FFWB517B10 during checkout. Simply add the two items to your cart and enter the coupon code and you will receive a discount for the full price of the Artiste. It’s that simple. This offer is limited to the quantity on hand of the Artiste Silver and Black.

Why would we offer this kind of giveaway? The watch box holds several watches. Chances are you are going to be quite pleased with both the watch box and the Artiste Silver and Black and you will come back for another watch. Perhaps the world’s thinnest calendar watch, the Dunn Horitzon? Or maybe one of our chronographs? Or even a pocket watch. Enjoy.

Steinhausen Artiste Silver and Black (Free when you purchase any Steinhausen Watch Box)

Steinhausen Watch Box in Golden Burlwood (Large)

Steinhausen Watch Box in Golden Burlwood (Large)

Winder Wednesday Nets You a Free Watch for Valentine’s Day

Posted February 10th, 2010 by Jared Tracy

We launched the Winder Wednesday promotions last week with a sweet 50% off deal on our most popular quad motor watch winder. This week… We have something perfect for Valentine’s Day. Well, at least for those shopping for the special man in their life.

We started this promotion on Facebook last night and originally had another winder promotion set for today. However, we’ve seen some good response from the Facebook promotion, so we are extending it to everyone. It’s simple. Purchase a TM513 (burlwood or cherrywood) and receive a FREE Steinhausen Classic Automatic Watch (Gold or Silver) when you ship Next Day Air. The special is designed for Valentine’s Day and delivering the winder and watch by Friday is the most important part. That’s why you will need to select Next Day Air. This offer ends Thursday at 1PM to ensure that the shipments will arrive by Friday so you can have them wrapped for him for the celebration of love this Sunday.

Simply visit the promotional page and follow the instructions.

Facebook Integration is Back!

Posted February 8th, 2010 by Jared Tracy

We started beta testing Facebook connection integration with our shopping site during the holiday season. We learned quite a few things about the use of our website by our Facebook customers. Particularly interesting was how the integration acted to family computers where there are multiple people sharing the computer and one of them has their Facebook account on auto remember… We’ve worked out a few kinks here and there and are relaunching the integration between Facebook and our shopping website.

This Facebook connect integration makes it easier for you to log-in to our website. We don’t gain access to any sensitive information from your Facebook account and Facebook doesn’t gain any access to your information with Steinhausen unless you approve the publishing of information to your profile. It’s a great way to share with your friends about your new watches, winders, or accessories you have from Steinhausen. Through out the year, we’ll be posting special offers available to our Facebook fan base as we continue to grow our integrations with Facebook and other social networks. We hope you enjoy this useful integration.

Free Friday Coming Tomorrow

Posted February 4th, 2010 by Jared Tracy

We’re launching a new promotion starting this Friday. Each Friday we’ll be giving something away… A free watch, or winder, or shipping. Something is going to be free every Friday. Of course, shipping will apply on free products (not free shipping offers of course, or it wouldn’t be free shipping!) We’re running this promotion every Friday with a different item each week through the end of February. Enjoy!

Winder Wednesday: Quad Motor Octo-winder For the Price of a Dual Winder

Posted February 3rd, 2010 by Jared Tracy

TM514E Cherrywood Quad Motor Octo-Winder

We’re keeping this one simple! Half price on our most popular quad motor winder on Winder Wednesday. The deal ends at midnight 2/3/2010 Pacific Time.

What is an Open Box Store?

Posted January 20th, 2010 by Jared Tracy

We almost have everything finished for our open box store. This is an exciting endeavor for us! We display at watch shows, charities, fundraisers, and all kinds of other events. In the fast paced world of business, there is very little time to clean up. That’s what the open box store is all about…

At events and showcases, we display real products. We aren’t showing samples that don’t work. Often times there are hundreds of people that view, touch, and examine our products a day during these events. Sometimes we drop products when putting them back into their boxes. At every event, our representatives are wearing Steinhausen watches and other accessories… Long story short, this stuff piles up. We can’t sell it because the box has been opened, we’ve lost the packaging, we scratched the watch winder, etc.

However, the scratched watch winder is a perfectly good watch winder that will still wind your watch. Obviously, we can’t use a scratched watch winder for a display, so up until now the products have been collecting dust. Not anymore!

The Steinhausen Open Box Store is exactly that. It’s all our open boxes. We’ve checked to make sure the watches and watch winders are still functioning, so you aren’t buying junk. It just isn’t perfect condition. It’s like walking into a store and buying the display unit. You get a perfectly functioning unit with maybe a scratch or two.

We’ll be launching the first round of the open box in just over a week. The prices on these products are definitely priced to sell. If you can’t handle a smudge or two, that’s ok. We’ll still have the prime items available for sale. However, there will be a few surprises for people. We have found some items that have been discontinued. We’re bringing them back at great prices for everyone to enjoy!

Bridget Marquardt Sporting a Steinhausen

Posted November 28th, 2009 by Jared Tracy

My friend Richard Harlow over at sent me an email about some paparazzi pictures he snapped of former “Girls Next Door” star Bridget Marquardt a little while ago. He noticed something interesting about the pictures… Bridget was wearing one of the Steinhausen Ladies Ivory Circle Diamond Bracelet watches.

Bridget Marquardt Wearing a Steinhausen Ladies Diamond Watch

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