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Why Watch Winders are More than a Box with a Motor

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

To the serious watch collector a watch winder serves multiple purposes. Of course, a watch winder provides the convenience of not having to reset our favorite watches after we haven’t been wearing them for a few days or weeks. However, besides grabbing the attention of everyone we show our watch collection to, a good watch winder ensures the longevity of our prized watch investments. Keeping our automatic watches wound is precisely what the spring inside of each mechanical automatic watch needs to maintain accuracy and a long life.

Some automatic watches do not have the traditional mechanical movement. They charge a capacitor that operates a quartz movement. In the case of these movements, automatic watch winders provide the benefit of keeping you on pace with your busy daily schedule. There is no mechanical spring that needs to be wound to ensure the longevity and accuracy of your watch. Some may argue that this is a better choice in watch movement, but it really is just an alternative movement. Not better or worse, just different than a traditional mechanical automatic movement.

Mechanical automatic movements (which make up most of the automatic movements on the market) are kept in considerably better condition when wound according to the specifications of the movement inside your automatic watch. When purchasing a watch winder, be sure that the winder will wind both clockwise and counterclockwise and has an intermittent timer, unless you know for sure that your watch only needs to be wound a particular direction. Of course, most Steinhausen automatic watch winders offer 4 different modes of intermittent winding, making them compatible with almost every automatic movement on the market.

I’ll be posting more about winding your automatic watches in future blogs. Enjoy your watch collection!