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Another Great Belt

Friday, February 24th, 2012

At Steinhausen, we know a few things about great belts. So, when I saw the great new invisibelt mentioned in an article published in a Los Angeles fashion trade publication, I had to check it out. It’s a novel idea and looks like a great product. While I’ll stick with my Quick Zip Belt, the Invisibelt is a great item for women that solves a very real problem in women’s fashion. As the maker of one innovative belt, I have to tip my hat to Kathy Kramer and her great innovation.

A Breakthrough in Belt Technology! Steinhausen’s Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

We’re starting 2011 off with a few great product announcements! In just a couple months, we’re going to make available for sale the most innovative piece of trouser fastening technology since the belt itself! The Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System is a patent pending belt and buckle design that is unlike any other belt you’ve ever seen. Traditional belts have holes and a buckle. It’s a functional design but not good for anyone who gains weight and loses weight (Let’s just face it, that’s all of us!)

The holes in traditional belts stretch, telling everyone you’ve gained weight. Even if you just ate a big meal and have to loosen your belt a notch, it can be embarrassing. You’re also limited to having a waistline that fits within the notches. What if you’re halfway in between? Too bad. You’re belt is either too tight or too loose.

The other option is to wear a cloth belt that clamps down. While the wear and tear isn’t as obvious as a traditional leather belt with holes and a buckle, it still wears… Plus, a cloth belt is not ideal for every outfit choice. Just try going to your next business meeting wearing your cloth clampdown belt. You’ll standout in the meeting, and not in a good way!

All of the above is way Steinhausen is pleased to announce the release of the greatest innovation of all time in trouser fastening technology: the Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System. This innovative, patent pending belt and “buckle” mechanism will revolutionize your wardrobe!

Traditional Belt with Holes and Buckle

We all have or have seen belts like this!

Gone are the days of the stretched out belt holes.

Gone are the days of showing everyone you’ve gained a little weight over the holidays.

Gone are the days of stretched out, ugly looking belt holes.

And gone are the days of wearing a cloth belt that never looks as stylish and and gentlemanly as a good quality leather belt!

The Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System allows you to wear your belt for years and years without any noticeable wear and tear. Our patent pending zipping system does the locking and securing of the belt from the inside. There’s no stretched out holes and no wear marks from a clamp clamping down. Your belt will look just as nice three years from now than it does the day you buy it!

Look like a million bucks without spending it! Our designer belts are made from 100% Genuine Italian Leather, ensuring you receive the best quality look, patterns, and material. The patent pending Beltnology system is made from an ultra-lightweight alloy, allowing the buckle to be strong and sturdy while remaining lightweight so you’ll hardly even notice you are wearing a belt buckle at all. You’ll look great and feel great with our classic style belts that will have you confident everywhere you go.

We are starting off with three distinct patterns available in both black and brown: traditional, snake, and dragon. Yes, we’ve been farming dragons for the purpose of making these belts. Of course, I’m kidding. It’s still Genuine Italian Leather with a stylish mythical dragon print. All three patterns are eye catching yet traditional styles and will make a tremendous statement whenever you enter a room: This man is stylish, has good taste, and knows how to dress.

Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System Genuine Italian Leather Belts

Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System Genuine Italian Leather Belts

Whether you are trying to impress the ladies or impress the boardroom, your belt choice is the single biggest fashion statement you can make. A belt says a lot about your personality, and nothing says confidence better than a Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt made from Genuine Italian Leather.

These belts aren’t just for looks though! The Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System is highly functional as well. Let’s be frank, for men, when you walk up to a urinal, undoing a traditional belt makes you look like you’re doing a lot more than just doing a quick evacuation. And when you really have to go, it can be a bit uncomfortable having to pull the belt from the loop in your pants, tug the belt so you can get the buckle passed the hole, and then hold both ends of the belt and pull just to get to unbuttoning your pants. With the Steinhausen Quick Zip Belt System, hold the release button and pull! It’s that simple to get out of our pants, and when it’s time to put your pants back on: slide the belt into the patent pending Beltnology Quick Zip buckle and you’re all set. I won’t even go into the benefits you’ll have in the bedroom…

You aren’t sacrificing any security either! The Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System secures your pants just as good, if not better, than a traditional belt. Easing out the belt or tightening down the belt doesn’t require undoing your belt all the way either! Simple press the release button, and add the additional space your need. If you need to cinch up your belt, simple push the belt in for a couple of clicks! That’s it! You’re resized! And the best part is that no one will ever notice because there is never any wear and tear on the outside of your belt!

We’re so confident that you’ll be happy with the look, style, and quality of the belt that every belt and buckle comes with a one year warranty. If the belt or buckle wear out within a year, we’ll replace them for free! We’ll even pay for the shipping! And we’ll give you a second belt or buckle at no additional cost! What other belt comes with a guarantee like that? Most belts can’t be returned once you take them out of the store!

State of the art belt fastening technology

Genuine Italian Leather

Superb fashion choices

A one year worry free guarantee!

It might already seem unbelievable already, but I’m sure the price is going to blow your mind too! A belt of this quality material and craftsmanship alone would cost more than $100. That’s not including our patent pending Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System. But our introductory price is going to be just $50! Receive one belt and buckle of your choice for just $50. We’ll make the product web page available in a few weeks when the Steinhausen Beltnology Quick Zip Belt System will be available for pre-ordering!