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Jewelry’s New Best Friend Preview

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Since the Steinhausen name has come back to the family, we’ve been thinking of all the different ways we can improve the line of products we offer. One of the first things we realized was that every watch (whether a Steinhausen or not), gets smudged, dirty, or otherwise less brilliant than it should be.

We all choose our brands carefully, making sure we invest our hard earned money in a timepiece or jewelry that is going to last for years (if not generations).The regular day to day wear on a watch adds up over time. If you clean your watch with polishing substances, you run the risk of speeding up the wear and tear of your watch. However, if you don’t clean your watch at all, what’s the point?

Technology has changed much since the early days of Steinhausen. Today, we are pleased to announce our latest cleaning material. It is a specially designed microfiber that cleans with minimal abrasion on your finest watches and jewelry. The material is an ultra soft microfiber that easily attracts dirt and will help make your collection looking as good as new without the harsh chemicals or cleaning process that can leave your watches and jewelry worn down.

The below picture is a camera phone shot that we took while the product was being tested on a laptop… This cloth was not designed with a laptop in mind, but we quickly realized it does an excellent job with cleaning smudges, smears, and finger prints off our show room laptop! This ultra soft cleaning cloth will be available for addition to your watch collection before the end of September 2009.

Steinhausen Cleaning Cloth