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Open Box Barons Available Now

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Baron Gold FaceWe launched the Steinhausen Open Box store a little over a week ago with the Steinhausen classic Automatic Watch and the Dunn Horitzon (two of our most popular items). We’ve just added the Baron Automatic Calendar Watch to the Open Box store. Starting under $100, the Baron is another great affordable open box watch we are sure you will love!

Open Box is Open for Business

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

We have launched the Open Box store with two of our most popular watches! The Steinhausen Classic Automatic Calendar Watch (the watch that launched the entire Steinhausen brand) and the Ultra-thin Dunn Horitzon Swiss Quartz Watch with Date Display. Prices go as low as 60% of regular retail prices.

These watches come with warranties and guarantees. Check the pages for details. Remember, these are open box items. They will have scratches and minor blemishes, but think about it like a pair of jeans!

Open Box is Almost Here

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Our Open Box store is almost ready. We had a few hurdles to clear before we could launch it, but it really is just right around the corner. We are going to have some items available through the open box store that are not even available for regular retail. You may even find yourself the proud owner of a Steinhausen mule! That’s right, when browsing through some of the open box inventory, I saw at least two watches that qualify as mules. Great options for collectors!

Coming Soon: Open Box Store

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

We take a lot of photography and visit a lot of trade shows throughout the year at Steinhausen. 2009 was one of the busiest years we’ve had in awhile. From showcasing products in Las Vegas to visiting large retailers across the country, we’ve brought a lot of samples along the way. What happens to these samples? Well, most of the time they just sit in our product studio in case we need photography. Sometimes the samples can take up to 6 months to find their way back into our office.

I’ll admit, these watches and winders and accessories don’t always come back in perfect condition. We can’t always pack them in our Luxury Watch Traveling Case, so the items sit in our studio… Until now! In a few weeks, we’ll be launching the Steinhausen Open Box Store. Items we’ve taken to shows, events, galleries, etc. will be available for sale directly to the public. These items are fully functional products with minor blemishes. They are NOT used items. These are items that were utilized by the Steinhausen staff for photography, events, displays, etc. They are not worn automatic watches and used watch winders. They work just like a new item, they just might have a ding here and there.

Think of it like the Certified Pre-Owned programs for automobiles. We’ve verified that all of these items are functional and pass checklists to ensure you are getting a near new item. However, you might have to put up with a couple scratches, dings, or other blemishes. Wear the Open Box Steinhausen watch with a pair of faded jeans, and you’ll look like you are ready for a vintage magazine photo shoot. That’s what we use them for!